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ATORCH 12 in 1 USB tester DC Digital voltmeter amperimetro voltagecurrent meter ammeter detector power bank charger indicator

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Model Number: A-TH-USB
Dimensions: 65*24*14mm
Operating Temperature: -10-60Degrees
Brand Name: ATORCH
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Display Type: Digital Only
Accuracy Class: 1% (Software calibration technique)
Power Supply: USB DC Power
Products Shell Color: Transparent or Blue Color Optional
LCD Screen Backlight: White/Blue/Black/Orange 4 kind of Backlit Optional
Measurement time: >0.5W
Measuring Range: 3.30V~32.7V / 0.00A~5.10A / 0 ~ 299.999W / 0 ~ 999999 WH / .......