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DATA FROG 4K HD Video Game Console 2.4G Double Wireless Controller For PS1/FC/GBA Retro TV Dendy Game Console 10000 Games Stick

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support 4: can play games downloaded by yourself

support 3: game console 4k

support 2: For FC/GBA/PS1/MD

support 1: four-players mode

function 9: Multiple combinations

function 8: Support network download games

Plug Type: EU plug

Package: Yes

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: LYL2020720Y2MAX

Model: Video Game

Games: Built-in 3000/10000 Games

Function 7: retro game console

Function 6: game console

Function 5: Video Game Console

Function 4: Save Game Progress

Function 3: Support HDMI-compatible TV output

Function 2: Support 4K TV

Function 1: Built-in 32GTF card

Feature 9: game tv

Feature 8: control game

Feature 7: Dendy game console

Feature 6: portable video game

Feature 5: retro console hd

Feature 4: Retro console

Feature 3: retro game

Feature 2: game stick 4k

Feature 12: TV games

Feature 11: Dendy

Feature 10: tv stick

Feature 1: game stick

Feature: HDMI-compatible Game Consoles

Color: Black

CPU: Dual-core cortex-A7

Brand Name: DATA FROG

Accessories: 2.4G Wireless Gamepad Controller

Video Game Console For Sega Genesis Game

This game console for sega uses a classic game gamepad design! The gamepad with 6 function buttons, superb gaming experience! Support downloading games and saving games. Built-in 900 classic sega games and 250 Russian games. This game console supports two players, so much fun!

🔥🔥Hot Sell Top1 Product-Y2S PLUS Video Dendy Game Console

4K HD retro video game console.Plug and Play without any operation!Build In 1700+ Classic Games,support for saving and download the game.This is the best gift you can give to friends and family!

4K HDMI-compatible Dual System Game Console Support Wifi TV Box

The TV games console make the Game system & TV system perfect coexistence, using open source Linux system. You can download App, searching information by goolge and watching TV online.supports 20+ emulators, including 64-bit games such as PS1/ PSP/ SFC/ N64/ DS/ MD/ MAME/ GBC/ GBA/ G / FBA/ FC/ NES etc.This classic video game console supports connection to the network via LAN and Wifi.

HDMI-compatible Video Game Stick 4K Console(денди игровая приставка)

The portable mini game stick 4K TV games has a light and compact body.Plug and play, does not take up too much space, and is easy to carry, suitable for travel and home use.This video game console is suitable for ultra-high-definition TV/computer/monitor/projector, supports HDMI-compatible connection , has 1080P HD image quality, and can enjoy lively and interesting video games on the big screen.

Support 9 Game Formats

With upgraded GB2 CPU chip, the game stick 4K TV games console is built-in more than 9 Emulators, compatible for MAME, PS1, GB, GBA, GBC, MD, SFC, FC and ATARI format games, which you can download and save at its Memory Card;

Upgraded Smart Retro Game U Disk

Wireless TV game console with more than 10000 kinds of rich games is installed, 9 emulators supporting multiple games are installed, and a 32GB TF card is attached. Use upgraded game chips to support 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit and other emulators. It perfectly meets your needs for image quality and game fluency.

2.4GHz wireless controller

Equipped with two 2.4Ghz wireless TV games controllers. Support up to 4 players at the same time, you can remotely control and enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.

Upgraded Version

Support 25 languages.The latest wireless TV games console, with 64G Memory Card, built-in more than 10000 Games, searchable, collectible, archiveable, and support you to download your favorite games;

Download Game Steps

Step 1:Download game file
Step 2:Connect the TF card to the computer with the card reader
Step 3:Copy the game files to the corresponding folder(the name of the emulator)
Step 4:Insert the card into the game console,connect the game console and turn it on
Step 5:Find your game and start playing(you can use the search function)

Package Include:

1 x Game Stick Console
1 x Wireless receiver
2 x Controller
1 x Charge cable
1 x User manual
1 x HD cable
TF card (option)


If these problems cannot solve your question, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will generally reply to you within 24 hours. If it is very urgent, you can send us more information. We are all very willing to help you.

Q: How to play PS1 games?

A: Download the "bin" format archive of the game. Then open the archive and rename it from .bin to .img. Then unzip it to microsd/games1.

Q: Does this dendy game console support downloading games?

A: Yes friend, you can download the game on the tf card.

Q: When the SD card is inserted into the computer, it shows whether it needs to be deleted and formatted. What should I do?

A: When the computer opens the TF card, there may be a prompt that needs to be formatted, please do not click format, click format, it will result in failure to boot.

Q: I cannot view the contents of the SD card file. Where do I need to download the game?

A: TF card has 5 partitions, only 1 partition can be opened. After opening this disk, select the corresponding directory in the game and add the game to play.

Q: The red and green lights have been flashing, but the connection is unsuccessful?

A: First check whether the handle uses a new 1.5V battery. The second is that the new battery still cannot be used normally. There may be a problem with the receiver. Please contact our customer service, we will solve it for you.

Q: Why can't the controller enter the game page and keep returning to the menu page?

A: Generally it is caused by the low battery of the handle. We recommend replacing the battery, preferably a 1.5V battery.

Q: Does the dendy game console support 4KHDMI-compatible TVs?

A: Yes, but it only supports 4K TV. This does not mean that our games have 4k quality. Because the game itself can be downloaded by buyers, there is no simulator game with 4K image quality. We just improved the corresponding image quality. .The actual picture quality is high-definition picture quality

Q: Why the TV screen shows no signal?

A: It may be that the SD card became loose during transportation. It is recommended to unplug the TF and reinsert it. If it still does not work, it may be that the SD is damaged or contact our customer service, we will send you an upgrade installation package

Q: How to exit the game in the game?

A: You only need to press the select and start buttons on the controller at the same time to exit the game.

Q: Why does the 1300 Russian game card list only show one game?

A: This card is quite special and is prepared separately for Russian users. The text in the game content is Russian. You need to switch to the top [class] and find the corresponding game in the corresponding simulator folder.

Q: What if I think there is a problem with the product or I don’t like it?

A: Dear friends, we support free returns in 24 countries. You need to apply for an unreasonable return refund within 15 days after receiving the goods. (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Netherlands and Italy, Chile, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland )

☘️Good Quality and Good Service

Dear customers, because the current order is at the peak of the order, all the logistics warehouses are almost full, and the transportation aging time will be slower than the promised time! The phenomenon of customer's parcel loss will be very serious, affecting the normal delivery time!

DATA FROG can return to your side as soon as possible for your beloved products. We have made comprehensive considerations on the transportation aging and transportation safety of different logistics channels. Together with our experience over the past few years, we think Aliexpress Stand Shipping is the best fit! Conscience recommended!

Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch/Swith Lite/Switch Pro

Switch controllers for nintendo with the built-in 6-Axis Gyro, dual motor vibration, and turbo function, wireless switch controller can be waked up remotely with one button, which is convenient to operate greatly.PC game controllers for nintendo switch supports wireless connection, and the connection signal is stable.

Original Design-4k HDMI-compatible Classic Video Motion Sensing TV Games Console

The latest Video motion sensing game console, with 30 built-in interactive somatosensory games, you can play games with two wireless remote control gamepads, such as watermelon cutting, running, yoga, etc. Our game console also has 800 NES games built in, and Russian buyers can also choose to own more than 500 Russian games.

4k Video Game Console Support 4 Player for PS1/PSP

Built-in 3000 +100 3D games, and supports network download games , Support for PS1/PSP/MAME/GBA/WSC/FC/GB formats so on. You can save the game progress at any time. Up to four people can play together at the same time.

Wired USB Vibration Gamepad For PC

This handle we designed a vibration motor, when you are playing a racing game, the brake drift action is more exciting! Immerse yourself in a happy game and can't extricate yourself! Happy games make you forget your troubles!

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DATA FROG was founded in 2009, the brand is .This is a integrating R&D and sale company. Our company covers an area of 900 square meter. With our abundant experience and industrious and hardworking staff members, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers. Our production capacity amounts to 200,000,000per year. We are mainly engaged in all kind of video game console and for Nintendo Switch accessories and another game console product, and our products sell well in Europe and America. We conduct strict quality inspections over each batch/product. We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.

DATA FROG-You deserve a better product!

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