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New Waterproof Razor for Men Electric Hair Clipper Shaver Beard Trimmer Professional Hair Cutting Machine Beard Barber Hair Cut

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With trimming device: Yes

Washing Mode: Whole body washing

Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)

Use: Body

Usage Time: 85Mins

Time to market: 2020

Size: Rechargeable electric shaver

Product Type 8: Beard Trimmer

Product Type 7: Shaver for Men

Product Type 6: Shaving Machine

Product Type 5: Electric Shaver for Men

Product Type 4: Trimmer for Men

Product Type 3: Razor for Men

Product Type 2: Electric Shaver

Product Type 1: Hair Clipper

Power Type: Rechargeable

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: H030

Material: Titanium alloy

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Gender: Male

Feature: Single Blade

Charging Time: 8h

Certification: CE

Brand Name: oumonoka


⚠ We purchase logistics insurance for every order. We promise to deliver the products within the logistics protection period. Otherwise, we will pay for your product in full.


⚠ The size of the limit comb and product accessories are on the product SKU picture. Please pay attention to check when you place an order for the selected product.


🔲 2022 Subversive Innovation Flagship Edition: DaVinci-Plus 0~2mm Adjustable Blade Head Waterproof LCD Smart Display Flagship Hair Clipper

Product features: Adjustable cutter head size 0~2mm, suitable for professional haircuts & shaving scenes for fine hair trimming

The unique cutter head adjustment lever design can adjust the cutter head spacing to 0~2mm, which completely solves the problem of fine haircutting of the T9 hair clipper, and removes the redundant limit comb.

The cutter head with tungsten steel extraction technology has high mechanical strength, sharp cutting and longer service life

LCD intelligent power display, know the remaining power of the hair clipper at any time, saving a lot of waiting time for charging.

IPX4 waterproof, can be used in high humidity environments such as bathrooms

USB direct charging, you can charge it on a computer, power bank or USB charging socket anytime, anywhere.

The product design details are displayed, and every detail design is more convenient and simpler for you to use.

🔲Special Recommendation (1): USB direct charge type Chinese Kung Fu classic T9 professional hair clipper, at the best price, to provide you with the best quality products.

We use 3D die-casting and engraving technology, and the product patterns are three-dimensional, with more shocking visual effects and artistic appeal.

Every detail of this product is patiently explored, not only a hair clipper, but also a collection.

We specially select motors that have passed 50,000 cycles of high-intensity reliability testing to greatly increase the service life of the products.

Our products can be directly USB charged in computers, power banks, and USB sockets, which is convenient and simple.

The flannel storage bag is convenient for storing your products and carrying it on business trips. Every detail is to improve your experience.

The antique-style 3D floating engraving design on the surface presents a strong visual impact and highlights the product texture.

🔲Special description 2.1). 2000mah 10W large capacity IPX4 waterproof professional hair clipper, representing the highest level of current hair clipper manufacturing, is your best choice.

You can use it when you wash away in the bathroom, which is more convenient and simple.

🔲Special description 2.2). Adjustable speed (6000/6500/7000RPM) large capacity IPX4 waterproof professional hair clipper

The Six core designs greatly improve customer experience and create core value for customers!

ⓐ IPX4 waterproof grade, is currently one of the high-quality hair clippers that can be washed all over by AliExpress. It can be used when you take a bath, which is more convenient and more user-friendly.

It can be used in the bathroom, and it is more convenient to operate in different environments.

ⓑThe speed of the motor can be adjusted, which is suitable for different hair cutting environments. LCD intelligent display technology makes your operation more intelligent and convenient.

Limited to products that can adjust the speed.

ⓒ The large capacity of 10W 2000MAH greatly increases the working time of the product and saves a lot of waiting time for charging, thereby improving your work efficiency.

ⓓTYPE C USB smart charging, you can use computers, sockets and mobile power to charge at any time and anywhere, which is very convenient.

ⓔ The flannel storage bag is convenient for storing your products and carrying it on business trips. Every detail is to improve your experience.

ⓕ Powerful industrial design, advanced Surface etching and electrode oxidation technology make the product more reliable and usable. We have also adopted very textured engraving patterns to make the appearance of the product more beautiful. A more artistic atmosphere for you.

🔲Special recommendation (3): LCD display adjustable speed 0mm cutting distance professional hair clipper is the return of the king

The Sauron series of the Lord of the Rings LCD display portable hair clipper: 0mm cutting distance, suitable for haircuts, shaving, body hair and other application scenarios.

✳1) 0mm cutting distance, suitable for various haircut environments.

✳2) The speed of the adjustable-speed cutter head can be from 6000, 6500RPM to 7000RPM, which can completely personalize haircuts and shavings.

✳3) Real LCD liquid crystal display, intelligent display of power, motor speed, and remaining time of work.

✳4) The TYPE C non-directional charging interface can be charged in computers, power banks, and charging sockets anytime and anywhere, which is greatly convenient for daily life.

✳5) The flannel storage bag is convenient for storing your products and carrying it on business trips. Every detail is to improve your experience.


1. What kind of express delivery do you send?
We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order.

2. When are you shipping?
We have a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. What should I do if I want to return?
If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.

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