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CN-06D5DG 06D5DG For DELL Inspiron 5520 Notebook Mainboard LA-8241P SLJ8C 216-0833000 DDR3 Laptop Motherboard

CN-06D5DG 06D5DG For DELL Inspiron 5520 Notebook Mainboard LA-8241P SLJ8C 216-0833000 DDR3 Laptop Motherboard

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Onboard Memory: No

Graphics Card Type: Non-Integrated-AMD

Compatible Brand: Dell

Part Number: no

Origin: Mainland China

Memory Size: 8g

Onboard SSD: No

With CPU: No

Support Screen Size: other

Chipset: other

GPU Model: others

Memory Type: DDR3

Certification: NONE

Model Number: 5520

Motherboard Details

Dear Sir/Madam.The following is the detail of the motherboard pictures which one we are selling in this link.Some model have different configuration,Please kindly check in detail before purchase. If you have
any hesitation,please contact with us.It's our pleasure to serve you.

Motherboard Test

Before shipping.we will make a fully test for the motherboard. test include the screen,keyboard,battery,wifi and all USB,output connecter.We also will send you the tested photo before shipping.the following is some photo of our testing process.

Installed common sense

Before testing please make sure your CPU, memory is working, you can try it on other computers to make sure they are working.Don't put all the accessories on it at one time. You can try the CPU, memory and screen first.

Whether the Caps lock button works or not is the dividing line for the motherboard to work or not. If the Caps lock button can be switched, the CPU, memory and motherboard are basically determined to work. At this time, attention should be paid to the LED display problem.The most important is that all accessories must be removed in the absence of electricity, otherwise it may burn out the accessories.
1、Switch working. means motherboard working. please check screen.

2、Can't switch. please check CPU and ram.

Warranty service

We offer a 90 days product warranty after you got the package.Our shop also join in the Aliexpress Local Return Service.Please rest assured to buy.

Huge Stocks

We are more than 10 years laptop motherboard professinal seller in China.we have tens of thousands motherboard in stock and hundreds of wholesale clients from all over the world.We welcome big qty purchase and will provide the most competitively-priced and quality.

Huge selling everyday

Multiple series and models

Due to the time limited.Some of the model have not upload in our shop. if you can't find the model in our shop. please feel free to contact our customer service.we will reply in time.

For dell :V3500  V5460  V5560  V1400  V3350  V1510  V3750  V1400  V3400  V1014  V3550  V1320  V1540  V3450  V3460  V13  V3300  V3700  V2420  V1450  V1720  V1220  V3560  V131  V1500  V1550  3458  I1440  N5010  3546  3459  3421  5458 3452  3147  N5050  5423  1564  7720  7559  3467  3521  2330  7520  1545  N5030  N7110  5567  3135  5368  5547  7566.... and so on
For Lenovo :B51-30  Z580  G400S  Y3300  B560  G505  Z510  G500  320-15AST  Y410P  G510  300-17ISK  Y510P  G570  G470  G40-70  S210  G70-35 S200  Z410  U160  B5400  M11X 510-12ISK  S415 G560  13 S2  YOGA 12  T410  T420S  P50  X280  YOGA 460  X270  E430  E540  YOGA 2-13  X250  X230T  T470  T430  L530  E455  X1C  YOGA 260  T450  T440P L430  X1 YOGA .... and so on
For HP:450 G3  470 G2  450 G1  G30 G3  8460W  4540S  4545S  4415S 450 G2  640 G1  4730S  4520S  6470B  430 G1  430 G2 8570P  470 G5  CQ58  445 G6  241 G1  240 G3  6540B  4230S  6455B  745 G2  655 G1  G4  15-D  15-R  15-G  DV6-6000 15-AC  15-BA  15-BC  15-AF  14-AL  14-AC  17-AB  15-P 15-N  15-BW  15-E  CQ42  CQ58  HP1000  15-DB  CQ61  15-CW  DV7-6000  14-AM  15-AW  15-AU  DV5-2000  15-AK  14-BA .... and so on
For ACER :1830T  3820T  4810T  NV53  NV59  NV73  NV76  NV75  NV79  4551  4552G  AS5520  TM5520  5535  5536  5560  EX5635  5750  5750G  5950G  5741Z  5741G  AS5740  AS5742G  5551  5551G  5552  5552G  7736Z  7736ZG  7740Z  7740G  7741  7741G  AS7551  AS7551  AS7552G  8920G  8930G  8942G  8943G  8481G  9810G  6920  TM5744  7739G  7730G  6593  5595  ID59C  8573  E525  E725  8573  5349  5745  TJ65  NE56R  7750  7750G  EX4420  EX4120  EX5230  AS5530  5730  5735  5738  5739  7735G .... and so on
For Toshiba :L800  C850  L630  C660  M900  L650D  NB510  C40  A665  L700  M300  L500  L350  C670  C600  L640  S55  P870  C55T  P850  U305  L40-A  B40-A  E305  P200  P205  L300  L305  L305  A300  A305  A305D  A200  M200  A500  A505  M600  M645  M500  M305D  M505D  M800  M900  M901  M910   M908  E105  E205  E300  E305  L500  L450D  L510  L515  L600  L505  L640  L645  L650  L655  L675  L630  L730  L870  L875  L850  L745  X305 .... and so on
For Sony :MBX-235 MBX-215 MBX-270 MBX-273 MBX-275 MBX-250 MBX-252 MBX-253 MBX-165 MBX-226 MBX-226 MBX-214 MBX-196 MBX-239 MBX-185 MBX-266 MBX-244 MBX-241 MBX-247 MBX-224 MBX-219 MBX-272 MBX-196 MBX-239 MBX-243 MBX-176 MBX-204 MBX-206 MBX-208 MBX-237  MBX-238 MBX-236 MBX-259 MBX-216 MBX-217 MBX-265 MBX-147 MBX-149 MBX-182 MBX-189 MBX-165 MBX-177 MBX-190 MBX-218 MBX-205 MBX-198 VPC-EE MBX-272.... and so on
For SAMSUNG :NP600B4B  NP300E5A  NP300V5A  NP-RF511  NP-RV515  NP350V5C NP350V5X  RV411  RV511  RC510  RC710  NP300E5E  NP300E5C NP305E5A  NP200B5B  NP305V4A  NP370R4E  NP370R5E  RV711  NP400B2B  R480  NP700Z5A  350U2A  NP300E4A  P210  NP-X120  P480 P580  Q310  NP550P5C  NP550P7C  NPX520  R519 .... and so on

Motherboard will pack with air bubble. Professnal pack will protect the motherboard save to your hand.Please wait patiently for your package.


we accepte Alipay and Paypal in our shop.If you often purchase in China and have an agent in China and can provide onshore RMB payment.

we will welcome Bulk purchases off line with discount for you.
Express delivery
We will tested and pack the motherboard without 2-5 days.Most of your items is shipping by AliExpress Standard Shipping with free.The
shipment will takes 14-60 days on the way to your hand.  We also provice the AliExpress Premium Shipping.It will take 7-14 to your hand,but it takes some cost for the fast shipment. DHL. Fedex is also
avalible in our shop. if you need, please contact with us.

Please make a 5 star Reviews

If you are satisfied with our projects and services, please give us a

positive 5-star feedback,thank you very much.
It is our pleasure to make you satisfied with our projects and services.
Please let us know before posting any negative feedback. We can
guarantee that we will try our best to make your purchase enjoyable

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