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Pine64 TS100 TS101 Soldering Iron Tips Replacement Various Models of Pinecil Electric Soldering Iron Tip TS Series BC2 ILS C4 KU

Pine64 TS100 TS101 Soldering Iron Tips Replacement Various Models of Pinecil Electric Soldering Iron Tip TS Series BC2 ILS C4 KU

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: TS Series

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

TS Series Soldering Iron Tips

Product Features

•  Exemplary Material Quality:  We meticulously select premium-grade raw materials to craft each soldering iron tip, ensuring unmatched durability and stability.
•  Revolutionary Analog Heating Technology Bid Farewell to Initial Temperature Fluctuations:  Introducing pioneering analog heating technology that guarantees consistent temperature from your very first use, eradicating any concerns about initial temperature variations.
•  Swift Heating for Instant Action:  Outfitted with an 8-ohm resistor, our soldering iron tip rapidly reaches your desired temperature, allowing you to jump right into your work without the hassle of extended waiting times.
•  Versatile Range, Comprehensive Compatibility:  With a diverse range of specifications, our soldering iron tip seamlessly handles everything from delicate electronic components to substantial metal parts.
•  Professional-grade Soldering, Unshakable Assurance:  Designed with precision, our soldering iron tip empowers you to effortlessly master intricate soldering tasks, instilling you with professional-level confidence in every project.
Maintenance of Soldering Tips

Step 1 Cooling:
Ensure the soldering iron has cooled down.

Step 2 Cleaning:
1. Soak the soldering iron tip in cleaning solution to soften oxidation and impurities.
2. Gently wipe the soldering iron tip's surface with a cleaning sponge or copper wire.

Step 3 Polishing (if necessary):
Gently polish stubborn oxidation spots using fine sandpaper.(around 200 to 400 grit)

Step 4 Applying Solder Paste:
Apply a thin layer of solder paste to the soldering iron tip's surface.

Step 5 Storage and Protection:
Store the soldering iron tip in a dry, ventilated area and use a dedicated protective cover to prevent damage.

After sales issues

This product supports after-sales service, but the following conditions need to be met:
Condition 1:
The delivery time for the package shall not exceed one month. Please provide feedback on any issues within the specified time frame. Failure to do so will result in no responsibility;
Condition 2:
You need to provide a video of the product not working properly due to quality issues and send it to customer service for review;
Condition 3:
You need to destroy the product and send a photo to customer service for review;
Condition 4:
You need to pay a portion of the shipping fee.

Although the external packaging of these soldering iron tips is third-party, they all come from the same factory. The quality is guaranteed to be the same as the original, so if you mind the packaging, please refrain from making a purchase.

Compatible Soldering iron list:

Pine64 Pinecil V1 / V2 Soldering Iron

TS101 / TS100 Soldering Iron

T85 Soldering Iron


Packaging List:

    Soldering Iron Tip*1

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